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Bob and Randy E2.5 - Spirit of the SummerBRAWLtest2018

Bob and Randy shamelessly parody/rip off Rioforce so that Chris can enter BiM's BRAWL and BàB's #SummerContest2018 at the same time with one video - a merging he keeps calling #SummerBRAWLtest2018. Hey, I even got the mod element in every shot! And that part with the guitar is totally a defining moment in these character's lives!

Eh, who am I kidding, I'm gonna get my butt kicked this year.

Based on "Spirit of the West" by Rioforce,

Production team
chris_gbpProducer, project's creator

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J'aime beaucoup cette adaptation, le fait de l'avoir fait avec une guitarre est une très bonne idée. Les décors sont beaux, l'animation est belle et la bande son aussi! Félicitations.

Great adaption. Very much the near exact film as the original except with Bob and Randy doing it their way. Well done!

Change the piano to a guitar is a good idea. The animation is good. Music simple. Good ending. Finally, good adaptation ! Well done

One of the participations that I prefer : you managed to make an original remake, by taking elements of the adapted brickfilm but by modifying some, while remaining in your series Bob & Randy, and participating in the Brawl! It's really very strong, you modernized the piano by the guitar and it was a great idea, you went to the end of the story, it's consistent, in short : awesome !


L'une des participations que je préfère : tu as réussi à faire un remake original, en reprenant des des éléments du brickfilm adapté mais en en modifiant certains, tout en restant dans ta série Bob & Randy, et en participant au Brawl ! C'est vraiment très fort, tu as modernisé le piano par la guitare et c'était une excellente idée, tu es allé au bout de l'histoire, c'est cohérent, bref : bravo !


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