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THE BOX - Indestructible Man II - (BRAWL 2021)

Indestructible Man is trapped in a box. How did he get there, and will he return to the life beyond? A brickfilm made in under a week for BRAWL 2021.

Production team
Bros with da LegosProducer, project's creator

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A nice little film, very well filmed and edited. The flashbacks work quite well, the whole scenery has some emotion, but also a little humour to it. Storywise I feel like for me there might still be something missing, maybe the evolution of emotion that brought him from shivering in a corner to trying to break the box. Still, a fun time with some nice filmmaking!

What's sequel! Great! The design of this zany character had caught my eye. It's amazing to see the gloomy consequence of a glorious action in the head of a hero. It's a very oppressive atmosphere. It is well managed. The animation is obviously quite short with repeated shots. But it lends itself to the plot. The atmosphere of the dark and humid box is well done. A nice participation.


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