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Happily Never After

The Queen rules with an iron fist and the people are suffering. Only one man can save the Kingdom. Unfortunately that man is Roger so everyone is pretty much doomed.

Production team
Paolo MuraProducer, project's creator

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He's going to be so bad in being king. On the other hand, the best ones seem to be those who do not want it... Anyways, an amazing film, a lovely story! It engaged me quite a bit and amazed me at other points. The humor worked wonderfully at times, at others it left me a bit. Still, an epic, funny and still somehow full of heart tale!

This is brickfilm that I watched with pleasure. There are small points of humor. There is work on the sound environment with echoes in the big rooms. It is rare to see this effort. The plot is interesting. The magic effects are successful.
There are sometimes beautiful light effects. The dialogues are accurate. It is undoubtedly an excellent participation among those of the festival.


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