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Out of Sight (LEGO animation)

A visually impaired pedestrian hears someone losing their wallet and decides to return the item to its owner.

Made for Brick a Brack's #VocalFlix contest, where only mouth-made sounds were allowed to be used. *1st Place Winner*

Directed by and all sounds and voices performed and recorded by Arginnon
Assistant director: Lady Arginnon
Special thanks: Kornél Fekete-Kovács and Zsuzsanna Róna
Braille font by Philippe Blondel
Edited in DaVinci Resolve
Sound recording: Audacity
Music made in Cakewalk by BandLab

a Winter Sock Production

Production team
ArginnonProducer, project's creator

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I really like all the vocal effects! Very cool! The set was also really nice, and the shot choice and lighting was awesome!

a really good story.
the voices are good, the background too, and the animation is really good ! congrats !

A good idea to stage a person who can only identify with the sounds around him, it is very much in the theme of the competition!
The city is very well represented, the superposition of many background sound effects immediately plunges us into the urban atmosphere.
The blurry backgrounds give a feeling that we don't know exactly where the noises are coming from, like the main character, I love this very elaborate staging.
Good continuation !

The whole style of this brickfilm reminds me a bit of the awesome movie "Imagine", which also deals with blind people and focuses on the accustic aspects of the film. The whole scene absolutely blends in perfectly with all these sounds from pedestrians, cars and enviromental elements, such as birds. Just when I thought there could be maybe a bit music, the choir at the end starts. So hey! This brickfilm does everything right, what counts for the vocalflix challenge. Well done!

Out Of Sight is a very thoughtful and well thought out brickfilm. I quickly understand that the character is blind. The character can only hear and feel and the sound effects amplify this phenomenon. In plus, the camera blur is well used to show the character's blindness and share it with us. It is well demonstrated.

Your sound effects are great. And the camera movements following the character are smooth and look good. And globaly the animation is very good.

Good job, it is a very good brickfilm !

Great backgrounds, great animation and great sounds effects. Nothing to say except this was a great entry

Vraiment un super film. L'histoire est très intéressante car tu as placé les contraintes du film dans la diégèse, à savoir l'importance des bruitages. J'étais assez ému à la fin du film. La mise en scène est très efficace et stylisée. Je suis vraiment stupéfait par l'importance du travail sur les décors et l'arrière-plan qui est sans cesse en mouvements. Les bruitages sont très bien réalisés. Bravo!

Hi !
I loved your brickfilm! the animation is smooth and the story is original and goes very well with the challenge of the vocalflix.
To talk about Vocalflix, everything is perfect! sound effects, sounds, dubbing. everything is amazing. Nothing to say. It's something that I personally don't mind, you could have put on some music during the animation. Otherwise I love it!

Such a wonderful little story, the atmosphere feels so breathing and real in it's very own way. The camera perfectly complements the sound atmosphere, the overall style feels quite unique and perfectly fitting to the story. Such an original idea, perfectly brought to the screen, always a joy to watch.

Truly one of the most beautiful surprise of the year 2021 in the brickfilm universe. The subject of blindness is really refreshing. The animation is always so beautiful and the vocal atmosphere with this small whistle a real mimic which identifies this film.


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