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LEGO Star Wars The Journey of a Soldier part 2 (Brickfilm animation MOVIE)

Ambush! After continuing his journey, captain Kirx Shepard’s frigate crew has been ambushed by separatist resistance. Lost and confused in the galactic orbit, with no sight for help, captain Shepard and his crew are batting for survival. Who will help save the crew? Who will bring captain Shepard back on his journey? Stay tuned for the next episode on May 4th, 2021.

May the 4th special, Lego Star Wars the Clone Wars - Journey of a Soldier

#starwarsday #theclonewars #maythe4th
Production, animation, VFX & edit by: Kamil Adam Janko

Music by: Piotr Gromek

CGI effects by: Karol Pikuła
Brick FORCE Studios

Sound postproduction by: Dawid Wysokiński

Color Correction by: Jacek Kot

VFX support: Lloyd Watson

Special thanks to: OnBeatMan, Energetic Fox Studios, legondarybricks, jbb_777, thefourmonkeys & Paweł Kamiński

Production team
MegaSpaceFighterProducer, project's creator

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From the first shot to the last, the production value is absolutely astounding. The movements so smooth, the images so big and of such high quality. In some space shots, that actually made it a bit distracting for me, the high cleanless and rather flat lighting that worked in the interiours made some spaceship shots appear as effects. Still, I love the use of models that sometimes are smaller than minifigure scale, making it all appear crafted, in a nice way. That is contrasted with shots of the clouds and the woods that are surely made with cgi, though I cannot see it at all. Apart from technical aspects, the story moves along quite well and manges to build some suspense. Of course as only a part of the whole story it doesn't give the whole picture, though it manages quite well to stand on it's own and still hooks me for more. Some of the references didn't work that well for me, though they never distracted that much from the scene. Another thing I liked a lot were the mouth movements. Especially in close ups they worked wonders, though at some side shots they appeared a bit off to me. On the other hand, the clone helmets moving works extremely well. I also loved the match cut from the clone being hit to the food being ripped! Overall, a very nice film that managed to add to the source material for me and left me excited for more.

They are always extremely well worked participations. You can feel the years of experience pushed into the smallest detail. The special effects are obviously the strong point of this brickfilm. There is a realistic light. We go beyond stopmotion. We totally believe in this universe. The atmosphere, the dubbing is impeccable. One of the best entries this year and I am not a fan of SW


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