Death, War, & Taxes: How to Avoid Falling in Love | Brick à Brack

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Death, War, & Taxes: How to Avoid Falling in Love

Made for #brickfilmday2021

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Vertical Bricks
Bert Loos


A Bridge Too Far - John Addison
Also Sprach Zarathustra - Richard Strauss
Funiculi Funicula - Luigi Denzo
Call Me Irresponsible - Andy Williams

Production team
BlandeerProducer, project's creator
BertLVoice actor (Rob O'Cheek)
RobukkaVoice actor (Maestro)
Vertical BricksVoice actor (Houston Touston)
TheBricksVoice actor (Stoic Man)
Cole MurtlandVoice actor (Kernel Dankowicz)

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Absolutely insane and extremely epic. It feels like a Monty Python sketch show and still tells a sort of story. The characters recognizable and lovable to watch, the story somehow works despite of all the random takes. I don't think any other film in Brickstars destroyed a whole Lego set for a little brickfilm, especially in one continuous take with 2001-music that used to stand for the highest highs of civilization, now it stands for a lego rocket burning down. A huge meme, a huge joke of jokes and still somehow also an amazing film.

The absurd story is really the strong point of this brickfilm. The sketch sequences are very funny. The animation is still jerky at times. It reminds me of the blessed atmosphere of the brickfilms of the golden age. The light is too bland. A brickfilm with a lot of personality that I appreciate a lot despite these flaws.


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