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Seasons Change - LEGO Stop-Motion || THAC XVIII Entry

Hey everyone!

I hope you enjoy this brickfilm. I made it for Bricks in Motion's THAC (Twenty-Four Hour Animation Contest). You have to script, animate, edit, composite, and finish a film in just 24 hours.
This is my entry.

Production team
PlasticPointProductionsProducer, project's creator

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Such a rich story told in such a small amount of time! The non-lego backgrounds did not bother me at all, it all fitted together very well with the beautiful lighting , the music and the editing. Very lovely!

A very moving story about life passing by. A sober summary of the beginning of "Up". The light atmosphere is very poetic, the seasonal effects are very subtly mastered. The animation and music are sober. The unique setting of the house is also sober. Simple but effective.


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