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Let's Start from the Beginning... (SHAC 3 Winner)

* 1st place winner of of #SHAC2020 *
Detective Claw investigates the disappearance of Professor Parchment.

Original music by Arginnon
Additional set design by Máté Fekete-Kovács

Sound effects by freesound.org users: InspectorJ, Pogotron, tjandrasounds, _stubb, dheming, vilkas-sound, jfrosting
"Wind Chimes, A.wav", "Triangle 4, Hard Hit, A.wav", "Bamboo Swing A5.wav" by InspectorJ (www.jshaw.co.uk)

Production team
ArginnonProducer, project's creator
Pritchard StudiosVoice actor (Captain Creator)
Lady ArginnonThanks

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This has got to be my favourite SHAC entry of the year. It's just a really well polished execution of an entertaining plot. I mean, little things like the gem disappearing effect really add up to make the whole thing. Love all the voices.

Also, two Sam Sinisters? Ha, yeah, the erratic naming of adventurers characters never really made sense.


You are a great story teller. And incredible cinematic artist in the lego form. Being visually, audibly, and stylistically satisfying. I always look forward to your films, for each one seems better than the last, and this one only proves the point.


Without a doubt, this is my favorite SHAC 3 film.  Every aspect worked so well.  The mystery, the sets, the voice acting, ect.
Great job on this.  I hope you do well in the contest!


Thank you so much for the kind words, guys! It means a lot. Thanks for noticing the little details, thank you for genuinely liking what I do and thank you for your encouragements. mini/smile


Fantastic! Loved the cinematography and just the direction in general!  Very stylistic, and I felt like it fit the story perfectly.


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