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Nostalgia (THAC XVII)

An aging gentleman receives the opportunity to relive his past. Made in under 24 hours for the 17th annual 'Twenty-Four Hour Animation Contest' over at Bricks in Motion, the theme this year being 'Opportunity'.

If you want to be meta about it I guess this was also an opportunity for me to make another brickfilm

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Jacob CrowProducer, project's creator

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Comments • Bricks In Motion • Page 1

This entry tells a beautiful, emotional story through its visuals. 
And what visuals they are!  It's gorgeous.  I think it'll do very well in the contest.

Really, really nice job with this one! High quality visuals that you let tell story without needless narration or something. I like that. Nice job.

That was incredible! One of the best entries presented!

Good story. You conveyed his emotion really well just by the way he moved.

Good luck with the contest!

This was actually my favorite entry this year. The opening shot is fantastic, and the detail put into the lighting and sets blew me away. Fantastic telling of the story. Reminiscent of
UP. Beautiful.


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