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Discovery (English Subtitles)

Les capteurs de la Nasa ont détecté un trou noir non loin de notre Galaxie. Miller et Charles, deux astronautes, sont engagés pour un allez simple dans l’inconnu. Le but : découvrir vers où mène cette porte.

Production team
MBstudioProducer, project's creator
MBstudioVoice actor (Miller)
Bastien BlangyVoice actor (Charles)
YanleJediVoice actor (Huston)

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Comments • Bricks In Motion • Page 1

It’s good and cinematic. The soundtrack and effects go a long way making it feel epic even With limited use of bricks. (The song at the beginning was used in Valerian as well I think)

The names might be in tribute to a Charles Miller.

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