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Unbridled Mischief

A snake-oil Salesman swindles away a hapless traveler's trusty horse!

Production team
PongowlProducer, project's creator

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This is brilliant. I LOVE the animation in this, especially that mini horse. The comedy was spot on, and so were the voices (except that one Sheriff guy who sounded weird mini/wink ). I look forward to what you make next!

That mini horse is incredible. You've also convinced me I need to get my hands on some frosted glass. I can't remember the last time I added a brickfilm to my favorites list so fast; the comedy and animation are both so well paced, fantastic work! mini/bigsmile

Fantastic. One of the prettiest brickfilms I've seen.
You did a great job keeping the film visually interesting with the abundant camera movement and varied lighting.
Great comedic storytelling as well.

Wow...thats such a great film!
Very original and comedic story with great lighting!
This is one of my favorite brickfilms in a while!  Good work!

As the others have said, this is such a great film. The introduction of the characters is something in particular that really stands out to me. Fantastic job. mini/smile

Amazing animation and lighting! mini/smile

I don't comment nearly enough on this site anymore but you've persuaded me to do so, excellent film all around. The use of mini scale was great and every element of production deserves a compliment, however I am most impressed by your animation. From the perspective of someone who usually skimps on actual animated movement and certainly does not have the patience to mask as much as you did, you truly went above and beyond. Well done!

Easily one of the best of the year. Beautiful scenes and animation; an inspired piece of work.


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