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To the Moon

A man, accompanied by a Knight, a Mouse, and a Pumpkin, dance to the top of a hill towards the moon.

Production team
Willow TreeProducer, project's creator

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Comments • Bricks In Motion • Page 1

The animation was smooth and the lighting was great! I liked it. mini/smile

I've only just had the time to start watching the entries to the summer contest, and this is definitely one of my favourites!

I REALLY liked the moon that was used, as well as colourful lighting, the story, the music, and everything else! mini/bigsmile

My only criticism would be that you could tell when something had been masked because there was movement around the object, like at 0:40-0:43. Still I know from experience that it can be very difficult to avoid this issue.

If this doesn't place, I think i'll be having a very serious word with the judges! mini/tongue


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