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This is a (r)Evolution

For the first time Brick à Brack is available in French and in English.

Production team
MBstudioProducer, project's creator
SonjiraVoice actor (Brick Jobs)
John DebneyComposer

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Thanks for your comments, the new version of the Brick à Brack seems to work very well. We've go lots of awesome English-speaking Brickfilms which were unknowns to our French community to watch. It's amazing. mini/love

Thank you so much for introducing the English language version of Brick à Brack. It's a really nicely designed website and the community is very helpful and welcoming. Seeing as there is such a large French speaking Brickfilm community, a French subtitled edition of my work has been on my mind for some time, and I see no better time than now to start my project. App Man Episode 1 is now available with French subtitles and more is to come mini/bigsmile


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