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Bring Me A Dream

LIFEcompany construit des humains. Vous allez pouvoir faire la rencontre de Blue. Anciennement fait pour le BRAWL 2017.

Production team
MBstudioProducer, project's creator

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The music here added a lot to the film! I'm glad you published this version! mini/wink

Thanks for your comments !


Uniquely spooky.

It was the goal.. mini/shifty

I'm actually do an other upload/export of my Brickfilm.. I saw a problem in the video's data.. well done me.:rolleyes:
It will be back on YouTube during the day. mini/smile

The music definitely changes the feel of it, I kind of liked the subtle eeriness of the cheerul classical music that you previously used. Interesting to see an expanded story, reminded me a lot of THX-1138. The bumping elbow

Spoiler (click to read)

as he's fed into the incenerator was a very nice touch and helped him feel like a limp, lifeless form.

Whew, here's a little something to lighten the mood now. mini/bigsmile

Last edited by thistof (jul. 14, 2017 (11:57pm)).

He removed the video, maybe by mistake, but put it back on again later:

Yes sorry I reupload it, because one effect wasn't good in the first version.. Exportation's bug. mini/rolleyes
Glad that you like it, thanks for your comments. mini/smile

@thistof I don't know this Mr.Sandman version, pretty clear, cool and calm compared to my Brickfilm's mood ! :rire:

LIFE was already a great film to begin with, but this made it even better!

Thank you ! mini/bigsmile

Links are changed. No more problems on it !

Last edited by MBstudio (jul. 15, 2017 (06:44pm)).

I'm trying to watch more brickfilms and chose this one.  I'm glad I did.  It's a great example of thematic concept videos a person can do with Lego!  To me it's a cross between "The Machine Song" (an industrial/synthpop song from the 1980s) and THX-1138, at least the action scene and the ending.  Subversive use of the Chordettes song that I've always loved.  That other version was a bizarre recording but worked for the mood you set.  Good job, and really artistic.


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