La Quête du cerveau perdu | Brick à Brack

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La Quête du cerveau perdu

Une chasse au trésor inhabituelle où le protagoniste devra utiliser toute sa cervelle pour retrouver son... cerveau...

Production team
LoïcProducer, project's creator

Brick à Brack (4)Bricks In Motion (13)

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Haha. Well, that was very enjoyable.

"It was hidden in mah head!"
"So your just stupid?"



My second favorite entry. Nicely animated, and great story. Wonderful.

I was cracking up the whole time. Good work, one of my favorite entries.


This was great, the voice acting was hilarious. Nicely done 4,5/5

Beautiful! mini/delirium

The story was so so funny, so weird, so great. mini/smile

The animation is some of your best, and I loved the voice work so much. The inaudible silly, garbled, not so intelligent sounding voice worked so wonderfully for the guy, and I'm glad you had subtitles so we could understand what was happening.

This film had my cackling all the way through, for the times where he was doing random silly stuff with that funny music (where did you get that?), to that hilarious punchline at the end. xD

Wow, thank you everyone! mini/bigsmile


with that funny music (where did you get that?),

That music is from ''The Simpsons movie'' soundtrack.

Haha. This was just great. I loved the look the frames had. Was it some effect on AE?
And the face at the beginning was beautiful.



Was it some effect on AE?

I used VisionLab studio for this mini/smile

It was my favourite entry! (So far mini/shifty ) Really good storyline, very comical! I love comical stuff!
Well done,

This film is beautiful! It's very funny! mini/smile


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