Misery Loves ......... Un Lego Star Wars (Court) Histoire | Brick à Brack

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Misery Loves ......... Un Lego Star Wars (Court) Histoire

La vie d'un Stormtrooper n'est pas facile.

Être tiré sur, frapper dans les portes, perdre des droïdes aux tours d'esprit de Jedi ...
À la fin d'une autre longue et misérable journée, tout ce qu'un Stormtrooper veut, c'est être laissé seul pour se vautrer dans sa misère. Comment ça pourrait empirer?
Pour Stormtroopers, cela empire toujours.

Production team
sherwinProducer, project's creator

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This is quite a good first brickfilm. Animation looks good and I like the light coming through the clear bricks in the wall behind. My biggest criticism is that there appear to be some frames playing in the wrong order, such as in the first movement when the Stormtrooper appears to jolt back and forward before leaning back as intended. I'd recommend trying to find whatever is causing this to happen.

Thank you sillypenta . I belive the ' jolting ' was because of  frames  ( between sequences )  being removed after filming.
For whatever reason ( ex. bad focus ) the frames were removed to keep the the video consistent but resulted with ' jolts '

Will note it for my next work

Appreciate your feedback.



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