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The Bounty Hunter

Montana - 1863
Un homme est témoin d'un vol avec meurtre...

Production team
DELT∆Producer, project's creator

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Really good animation here.  I also really liked how you used in-shot camera motion.  The extra effort really shows and makes the shots look a lot nicer.


I also really liked how you used in-shot camera motion.

I'm sorry, I don't understand all what you wrote.
What does "in-shot camera motion" means ?

When the camera moved, you usually actually animated the camera moving, so the camera physically moved.  It is done in the animation of the shot itself.

Out of shot camera movement would be where the camera doesn't actually move by editing the footage digitally in post production by adding "fake" camera movement, in which the camera would look like a pan or dolly, but it's just zooming in on part of the footage.

Sorry for the confusion.


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