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"Moi j’aime bien animer des humains ! Ils paraissent tellement réels.. J’aime quand les gens leur donnent vie en faisant des films.. Ce sont de supers marionnettes, très simples à manipuler ! On peut leurs faire faire pleins de mouvements !"

/!\ Il y a des sous-titres français. /!\

Production team
MBstudioProducer, project's creator
Harrison AllenVoice actor (Le Réalisateur)
SonjiraVoice actor (Ami du réalisateur#1)
Willow TreeVoice actor (Ami du réalisateur#2)
Bastien BlangyThanks
Nicolas BlangyThanks

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This was really good! Your interpretation of the theme was very creative.

Spoiler (click to read)

It kind of makes you think, too. Who's really the one doing the animating?

Thank you ! mini/bigsmile

UnknownBrick Films
Spoiler (click to read)

It kind of makes you think, too. Who's really the one doing the animating?

Spoiler (click to read)

It's at you to do your own opinion..


Wow. Kinda hurts my head with its meta-ness. Really enjoyed this! Great job.

Aha it was the goal ! mini/lol Thank you ! I'm happy if you liked it ! Great job to you too, the travellings of your brickfilm really enjoyed me ! mini/bigsmile

This film was amazing! Although I knew what was going to happen from the beginning, the story was very intriguing and kept me interested. You executed your sound design amazingly too, which was well accompanied by ingenious cinematography. I thought however that your animation could use some improvement, but it was way better than last BRAWL!

Spoiler (click to read)

one thing however was that you never really explained how the LEGO people were animating humans, because like they were still on the set, but yet they were taking pictures of the set but off the set... It was a little confusing

Overall, Fantastic film, I hope to see more from you and that you do well!

Great job, MBstudio! It's very funny & dynamic, and it sticks perfectly to the theme.
Good luck for the contest! mini/smile

PS: this brickfilm reminds us of « Role Reversal » by QuigiboProductions (

I think Twickabrick summed it up pretty well. Great job, MBStudio! mini/bigsmile

This is my favourite entry. I really liked the whole concept. A very well written film, that fits in with the theme perfectly. I hope to see this in the top 3!


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