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The Deaf Sailor

A deaf sailsman is bound to help two filthy strangers finding a mysterious beast due to need of money. Follow him on his silent adventure, accompanied with the bonesacking soundtrack by Jannis Osterburg.

Production team
YetgoProducer, project's creator

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Wow, you always do a good job of conveying feelings and emotions. Good luck with the contest!


Thanks very much!


Easily one of the best entries!  I loved this film so much.  It did such a great job of sucking me in.  The lack of sound design except for music actually made me more engaged with the story.   Also

Spoiler (click to read)

the monster effect

was so neat!  I'm sure this will place high in the contest.


The greatest thanks, I am very happy that it resonates with you so much! mini/bigsmile


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