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The Accident

Philip Phlop is out cycling when a horrible accident occurs, leaving him in search of urgent medical attention...

Made for Bricks In Motion's 'Fright and Fear' 2020 summer contest.

Production team
JO CoProducer, project's creator
BlandeerVoice actor (Cap'n Redbeard)
OVoice actor (Philip Phlop)
JuliusVoice actor (Grant Petersburg (Nurse))
GeorgeVoice actor (Dr Delerium)
JakeVoice actor (Quentin Von Lederhosen)
LizVoice actor (Clive)
JuxtaVoice actor (Ferdinand)

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Comments • Bricks In Motion • Page 1

My favorite comedic entry of the contest!  It has a great concept and excellent jokes, as well as insane camera movements and angles. mini/jaw


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