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News • Having a haircut [results]

Having a haircut [results]

By Gwen Movies (Jul. 9, 2019)

Hi !

Launched less than a month ago, the challenge "Having a haircut" finally reveals his ranking ! For this edition, the competition was tough, but the jury members managed to find a successor of @PlasticPointProductions !

I know you're all waiting for it, here... the ranking !

5ème :

@Brickhario with Hair Cut !

4ème :

@Ozone Studios with Anime Barber - Brick à Brack Challenge Entry !

3ème :

@minideliciouspant with The Hair Cut | Brick a Brack Challenge !

2ème :

@JO Co with Beard Trim !

1er :

@HoverfrogFilms with Greatest Lego Haircut! !

So it's @HoverfrogFilms with who wins this edition ! He leaves with a beautiful minifig

Congratulations to all participants, you have all given, and we must congratulate you!

See you soon on Brick à Brack !

~ The staff ~

Congrats to the Winners!

Awesome work! Honored to be chosen as the winner.

Yay! First time in the top 3! Thanks guys!

Haha, what? Second? Well I never.


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