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News • #SummerContest2019 - Challenge 1 : Pre-production

#SummerContest2019 - Challenge 1 : Pre-production

By Brickfield54 and Maxou44 (Jul. 1, 2019)

Hello brickfilmers!

The summer is here and it's time to start our annual Summer Contest!

What is the Summer Contest? It's a competition organized during summer on different stages of Brickfilm creation, this year we will organize 3 challenges, for each challenge you will have 2 weeks to enter, between each challenge you will have a free week to recover

Today, we are proud to launch the 1st challenge of this amazing summer

Challenge 1: Script and storyboard

For this 1st challenge, you will have to work on the preproduction part of a brickfilm! The goal is simple: write a script and draw a storybord.

Don't worry, we won't rate your talent as a writer or draftsman! Do something clean, legible and understandable, it will be perfect!
Also note that writing a 30-page story will not give you any extra points: be original and surpriseus!

As a reminder, the storyboard is a kind of comic strip where each thumbnail represents a shot of your brickfilm!
You will find an example of a storyboard made by @guts24 here: here!

Your script and storyboard should focus on the following theme :

The discovery of the unknown!

"The conquest of space", "the discovery of America", "the beginning of a new life"... The unknown can be what you want! Try to be original

Now it is time to start! Take your pens, write your script, draw your storyboard!

The script and the storyboard need to be exported as PDF and send as attachement to summercontest2019@brick-a-brack.com with “[PART1]” and your BàB nickname in the subject: “[PART1] Maxou44”.

You have until Sunday, July 14 at 11:59 pm (all timezone) to send us your entries!


As always, the 5 best entries will be rewarded with very big prizes, offered by our partners

If you have any questions, we are here to answer them!

Good luck and have fun!
See you on Monday 22nd for the second challenge

Yas! The wait is over! As soon as I heard that Summercontest 2019 was happening, I have been hyped since. Good luck to you all!

Good luck

@Maxou44Good luck

Thanks! I am doing my storyboard currently!

Wow, this looks great!

Just sent through my entry Spent the whole day doing it

I'll see what I can do!

oh sweet! I've got an idea already!

Good luck to all! Hope you all do great

This is interesting. I usually only do a skript, but no storyboard, since this is always inmy head.
Guess I'll give it a try.

I submitted mine!


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