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News • The Results for the #FantasticBrickfilms Contest!

The Results for the #FantasticBrickfilms Contest!

By chris_gbp (Dec. 14, 2018)

Finally, the results are in!

Our judges finished scoring the entries for Brick-à-Brack Fantastic Brickfilms contest, a competition for the release of the film Fantastic Beats: The Crimes of Grindelwald The jury had to decide between 24 entries, so congratulations to all the participants!

Our fabulous jury was composed of @Cyprigo, @YanleJedi, @Maxou44, @Clockwerck and @Gwen Movies. They've reached their verdict, so let's reveal the winners!

5th Place:

@Nounours - Harry Potter à l'école des sauciers.
He wins 41616 - Hermione Granger !

4th Place :

@Speakbroccoli - LEGO Harry Potter: Death Eaters.
He wins 41615 - Harry Potter & Hedwig !

3rd Place :

2nd Place :

@Brickfield54 - AMNESIA [Univers Harry Potter].
He wins 75953 - Hogwarts Whomping Willow !

1st Place :

@Yetgo - Hogwarts TV (English).
He wins 75954 - Hogwarts Great Hall !

The judges' comments are available on your brickfilm's page. The language on each comment will vary according to the judge, so you can use DeepL or Google Translate if necessary.

Congratulations to the winners! Check out the full list of entries by clicking here.

Thank you very much to our partners for these prizes - they allow us to keep hosting contests for you guys and the brickfilming community!

Hope to see you soon for #Brickstars2018 !

→ The results

Congrats guys, even tho I thought I had a chance

Congratulations guys! Thanks for your amazing entries

Congratulations to all of the contestants and the winners! This was a fantastic contest and we had a lot of fun organizing and watching. Big thanks to @dudebrick, @suitedninjanerd productions, @Let malo film, @Brick Broadcasting, @Maxou44, and @MBstudio for helping with the promotional and organization side!

We're hoping to do more of this sort of thing with future contests - social media reminders, "checkpoint" tutorials, etc. so if there's something you really liked about how this contest was organized (or something that just didn't work for you) then please let us know!

Also, reminder that Brickstars 2018 is going down, so make sure to get a video in for that one! Make sure to read the judges' comments on your films so you can come up with a gameplan for your Brickstars entry.

Again, great job everyone!

Thanks to everyone who organized this great contest, I'm glad that I got an idea last second, and the sleepless nights were really worth it!

Also, congrats to all other winners, all the films that participated were great!
I'm looking forward to upcoming events

(Still have no idea which one of my films I should submit to Brickstars 2018 )

Nice job everyone ! And congrulation to @Yetgo

@Brickfield54Nice job everyone ! And congrulation to @Yetgo

Yours is also great! I didn't understand everything cause I never learned french, but it looks awesome!

@YetgoI didn't understand everything cause I never learned french, but it looks awesome!

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Congratulations everyone!

Congratulations, @Yetgo and all the winners! This was a fantastic contest!

Indeed... Fantastic Entries!! Congratulations!!


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