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News • Happy birthday Brick à Brack!

Happy birthday Brick à Brack!

By Maxou44 and chris_gbp (Sep. 30, 2018)

Hello everyone!

10 years ago, two young brickfilmers named @Parod and @R-creator created Brick à Brack. Our small community site gained popularity in the world of brickfilming and has now become a beloved center for LEGO stop motion. The community which is now spread over several continents thanks to our many members from France, United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, amongst many others.

Today, Brick à Brack celebrates its 10th birthday! To celebrate the occasion, we've got a way to show your love for BàB! We'd like to present ...

The BàB Shop and the 10 Years Pack!

You asked and we delivered - we are opening the new BàB store today! We've designed and assembled a special 10 Years Pack with the BàB logo. This pack includes:

  • 1x BàB minifigure
  • 1x "I ❤ Brickfilming" 1x8 brick
  • 2x BàB pins
  • 5x BàB stickers
  • 2x BàB business cards

All for a price of 10€ / $11.62 (excluding shipping costs, we do ship internationally. Note that prices are set in Euros and PayPal automatically converts the Euro price to dollars.) The parts are printed - in similar quality to official LEGO parts. The pieces are much cleaner than engraving or stickers!

Supply is limited, so if you want to get this pack, get your orders in soon! We will not limit the number per member, but we will distribute them first-come-first-served. Delivery of these packs is scheduled for December 2018, allowing us to process all orders and ship as efficiently as possible!

The 10 Years of BàB Brickfilm Collaboration Project

In order to bring our community together for the occasion, we are creating a small collaborative brickfilm! In order to have as many participants as possible and because of the reduced time to produce the brickfilm, we've planned out a way for you to contribute in the animation process. We estimate that you won't need more than an hour to participate in this collaboration. All members participating in this collaboration will receive a badge on their profile, for added incentive!

The goal is very simple: take a Lego minifig and animate one or more of the following shots listed below. Each shot must not exceed 2-3 seconds total. Feel free to review these videos at a slower pace if you need to break down the movement frame by frame.

Shot #1 : The minifig receives a stick from the left of the frame and sends it back to the right.

Shot #2 : The minifig puts a flag element onto the stick.

Shot #3 : The minifig plants the flag on the ground or hangs it somewhere (on a roof for example). The flag should end the shot parallel to the screen. This shot must not exceed two seconds total.

You can choose to make the backgrounds, sets, lighting, and effects however you want. You can also makeone version of a scene several times with different sets and characters!

Please export your videos in 1920x1080 resolution, without black bars and without soundtrack, before November 4, 2018, 23h59.

EDIT: We've extended the deadline to December 31st, giving you guys more time to finish your submissions! Send your files by email to 10yearsproject@brick-a-brack.com by December 31st, 2018, 23h59 to have your flag animation feature in the video.

There's still more to come, so stay tuned as we continue the celebration!

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Happy birthday Brick à Brack!

Happy birthday! Congratulations on 10 years.

Dang, happy birthday!

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Brick à Brack

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Brick à Brack! Wooohooo!!


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