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News • #SummerContest2018 - Week 2 - Results

#SummerContest2018 - Week 2 - Results

By Maxou44 and SuitedNinjaNerd Studios (Jul. 30, 2018)

Good morning, everyone!

Let's find out who the winners of Week 2 of our #SummerContest2018 are! The week's theme was an adaptation contest, where you had to choose a brickfilm you liked and re-animate it yourself! There were 18 participants this week, and all of your creations are amazing!

The jury was composed of 5 awesome members : @thefourmonkeys, @Nanomega, @Redbrickstudio, @MBstudio and @Gwen Movies

Third place

Ninjago of the West by @Undershadow which is based on the scenario of Spirit of the West.

Second place

Bob and Randy E2.5 by @chris_gbp based also on the brickfilm Spirit of the West.

First place

A Coffee Adaptation by @Yetgo based on the brickfilm Coffee Cop in Lego City.

First place leaves with set #31063 and a $25 voucher for Brickwarriors, the second wins set #60149 and a $15 voucher for BrickWarriors and third on the podium wins set #41602 and a $10 voucher for BrickWarriors.

Don't forget to participate in the Week 5 contest, which entails the challenge of creating a full soundtrack for a brickfilm! Good luck!

→ Detailed results

→ Week 5

Congrats! (sigh)

Congrats to everyone!


Congratulations to all that entered. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to be a judge for week 2. A Coffee Adaptation by @Yetgo was truly a gem. Beautiful adaption.


I was so hoping to win, but congrats guys

And why does Chris always place in everything!

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