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News • #SilentContest - Results

#SilentContest - Results

By Maxou44 and Jared Johnson (Jul. 5, 2018)

Helllllloooooo brickfilmers! Here we go!

A few days ago ended the #SilentContest, a contest that paid tribute to silent films!

There were many of you to play the game, almost 40 entries ! This is huge!

Today the jury, composed of @Bapt90, @Brickfield54, @Max_LGManiac, @Weasel, @YanleJedi and @Maxou44, have finished voting! So, we can now announce the results!

5th position

@Legotwins ANIMATIONS with SOLD.
He wins the Brick Headz The Flash 41598!

4th position

@Atlas Animationz with Run For Your Life (LEGO Brickfilm 2018).
He wins the Outback Adventures 31075!

3rd position

@Formal Lens with Whitecap.
He wins the Classic 10715!

2nd position

@MBstudio with [2018] Loneliness - A MBstudio Brickfilm.
He wins the Rally Car 42077!

1st position

@Dalholtern with LEGO Dog.
He wins the Old Fishing Store 21310!

Congratulations to the winners! You can discover all the results by clicking just here. The judge's comments are also available on your brickfilm page, the language of the comments depend on the judge, please contact us by private message for a translation or use Google

Thanks to our partners for these prizes which feed our competitions and thanks to all of you for participating!
We hope to see you there for #SummerContest2018 !

→ All the results

→ #SummerContest

Congrats winners!

Congratulations to the winners!

Congrats to the winners

A big thanks to the Judges for their great feedback

And the others who organized this! I just loved this contest!!

Congrats to the winners, and great work! Lots of great films for this contest, hands down.

Congrats to the winners! I was wondering what I could have done better in my film?

Last edited by Amari Studios (jul. 6, 2018 (01:28am)).

@Amari StudiosCongrats to the winners! I was wondering what I could have done better in my film?

You can found your judges' comments here: https://www.brick-a-brack.com/brickfilms/brickfilm-contests/6114/#ms

Congratulations! Enjoy the pizes

Thank you very much!

well done to the winners and every one else


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