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This is a (r)Evolution!

By Maxou44 (Nov. 7, 2017)

Hello everybody!

For 9 years we have been pushing ourselves every single day to offer you the best french brickfilming website possible! Discover the great news through this video, created by @MBstudio

Consult it on Brick à Brack

Thanks to the relentless efforts of the whole staff over several long weeks we are finally able to launch an extraordinary update today: Brick à Brack becomes accessible to English speakers! Oh yeah! You heard right! Brick à Brack is, from now on, available in english!

The goal of this update is to allow the english speaking public to share their creations with us and participate in our contests. As many of you may have noticed, registering for one of our contests is not an easy task for an anglophone, which is why we wanted to simplify those crucial steps.

We also launched 3 specific forums for our anglophone friends, and we may open more of them if there's a need to do so!

There remain a few minor imperfections for the english version: The chat and the feed are not yet ready and the message editor is still french. It will also be very important to add support for different time zones (Yeah, that's urgent). Some translation mistakes/inconsistencies could also be present.
It is only a question of time though, our crew and all our employed minifigs are working hard to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.

This update also brings some sweet modifications, we have redesigned the site’s icons, revised the registration page and fixed countless bugs (although it is likely that we missed a few… )

We hope that this english version will allow our english speaking friends to join us with their passion and love for the art of brickfilming.

Again, a big thanks to @Legoander, @Loïc, @Parod and the whole staff, without you guys this would not have been possible!

We still have big plans and projects up our sleeves, stay tuned for more, this is only the beginning of a much bigger adventure.

With love,
The staff!

Good work, le staff !

Big-time thank you from us English speakers for the new site features! You guys are awesome!

@chris_gbpBig-time thank you from us English speakers for the new site features! You guys are awesome!

Thank you for joining us

Last edited by Maxou44 (nov. 7, 2017 (09:39pm)).

It has been a pleasure to work on this incredible project and I hope you guys enjoy it.
Big thanks to the staff for all the awesome and relentless work you have done once again!


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