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News • The best posters of the summer!

The best posters of the summer!

By Gwen Movies (Oct. 3, 2022)

As it is early October, just over two weeks ago, alongside the explosive announcement about Brickfilms. com, a merciless fight took place on Instagram as part of a tournament to determine the big winner of the second part of the summer competition. After giving you some time to digest it all, here we are again to announce the verdict of the jury, which is none other than... you!

We are thus going to reveal the names of the creators of the posters, so awaited by many, followed by a little bonus notice to keep in the spirit of BàB, and of course don't hesitate to do the same in the comments!

We are going to retrace the tournament turn by turn: each time you can admire the participation of the winners of each round, with the name of their creator. Well, here is finally this special top 16 of the best poster creators of summer 2022:

First Round

Second round:

Third Round

Final round

And the big winner is...

As announced in the previous announcement, the first two places, here the two finalists @DiabloBrickStudio and @TLC Animation, will respectively walk away with these small prizes:

Thank you all for taking the time to vote at each round and determine together the winners of this event, do not hesitate to share your favorites with us under this article, and see you next week for the results of the 3rd and final part of the Summer Contest!

Congratulations to the participants. I discover your posters, it's incredible.

There is really beautiful staging.
A poster is really a plus. I invite all those who do big bf projects to also complete their work with a poster. For the teasing it must help.
It's only a participation for some, but if behind your poster you want to pursue the project of making a bf, then go for it!


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