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Big announcement about!

By Maxou44 (Sep. 17, 2022)


We are here today for an amazing announcement. One of the biggest in the brickfilm universe over the last 10 years. A major change in the world of LEGO stop motion!

We know that this will create a strong reaction in the English-speaking community, but we promise you: It will be for the best! We won't disappoint you ❤️

No more suspense, let's focus... Brick to Brack is now the owner of... 🥳

While we were working on the fifth version of the Brick à Brack website, we realized that in addition to the heritage of Brick à Brack, it would be fantastic to preserve and conserve the many lost communities. And to find, in one place, the whole history of brickfilm. And that's where comes in, the oldest and most complete brickfilm site, created 22 years ago.

Indeed, the non-profit organization Brick à Brack now owns the website but also the registered trademark "Brickfilms". From now, Brick à Brack will be able to offer its members the freedom to pronounce and use the word "brickfilm" without fear. 😅

Soon in an unique place, 22 years of brickfilms will be discoverable. This is an incredible achievement in the AFOL world. This is the largest brickfilm community in the world and we are happy to contribute to preserve this culture.

We would also like to thank the contributors of Brickfilm Wiki (especially @sillypenta), who have simplified our research. Thanks to their work, we will be able to restore the majority of the content of and other defunct sites in the coming months. 🤩

We would like to thank Jason Rowoldt and Joshua Leasure for their support and trust in allowing us to acquire the site. Also, a big thank to all the staff who succeeded one another over the years (it would be too long to mention them all without risking to forget one). Without them, brickfilm would not be brickfilm.😉

We'll be back soon with sweat announcements about the fifth version of the site, the famous "V5" you've been hearing so much about.

You can fill the following form to help us to identify what you would like for the future:

You want to contribute and help us to relaunch You have historical backups of the site? Please contact us!

Have a good day,
Long life to Brickfilm!
~ Your staff ~

→ Video announcement

→ The form


This is great news! The brickfilm community wouldn't exist without, so it's great to see it's now owned by people who care about the community instead of a corporation.

@Maxed Out ProductionsThis is great news! The brickfilm community wouldn't exist without, so it's great to see it's now owned by people who care about the community instead of a corporation.

Thanks for your comment

This is like a dream come true! Excited doesn't even begin to describe my feelings! Looking forward to what the future holds.

This is good news!
Finally we can see through the old achives again?

@Dyland Next steps will be amazing!


We will restore all the data we currently have in database.

Because the 2012 migration created a lot of mess in the data, we are talking with some community members to try to get raw backups of in the 2000-2012 period.

We will do our best to restore as many data as we can and display them on a nice website

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Thanks for the shoutout. For the longest time, we were always unsure if there was any viable way that ownership of could ever be wrestled away from the previous owners, so it's nice to think that the work that myself and others have been putting in on the wiki over the years played a part in helping to make that happen.

As somebody who was part of the last generation of community members before we moved to Bricks in Motion, I guess I would describe it as a bittersweet feeling to see new activity occurring under the name. It's nice to finally see it out of the hands of the previous owners after all these years, but I know that the spirit and continuity of the site I remember was transferred to Bricks in Motion in 2008 and continued evolving from there, so I think it will always give me an uncanny feeling to see the name of be evoked in the present. It's a strange feeling, especially knowing there aren't all that many other people like me still around.

I am glad to hear that you plan to restore historical content that can still be found in the database. I have always wondered if a working archive of the RevMen-era directory could ever be restored, though it wouldn't surprise me if previous versions of the site weren't preserved over time.

This takes me back!

Glad it's all returning.

Wow, amazing news!

It has been a great honor for me to work on the return of This event is the result of many months of work (and many more to come to complete this quest). All together in the staff, we felt like knights of the round table, vowing to work together on the noble quest to bring the holy grail of brickfilms back to brickfilmers: The house that saw the birth of the first brickfilmers community.

As announced in the video, this is an assured commitment we are making. Guaranteeing that the spirit of will not be destroyed in the years to come by poor management (the unlike the previous management for 15 years). It is with the ambitious project that we carry to succeed in restoring the entirety of the data that we will rebuild Not only the part covering the RevMen era but also the one (too often not mentioned) of Jason between 2000 and 2003.
As said elsewhere, the RevMen era is without a doubt one of the high points of the community. Even today, communities struggle to offer members the equivalent of what the RevMen period offered.

To continue the logic of ensuring and preserving the spirit of this site, I can already say that Jason (founder of will return to us as the administrator of the community. This is to ensure that the dark times of can never happen again. He will be present as the "spirit keeper" of to ensure that the future path of this community will be on sound tracks. Avoid that a simple decision can definitively condemn the community. At any time, he will be able to stand in front of the community and shout "this vision of does not have to be this, let's stop it and think differently!

Like Jason, the generations who knew the period before the schism have been waiting patiently in secret hope for this day to come. This day has come, I can already hear them shouting their joy. Many messages of support are already coming back to us, after having left with regret the deserted forums of after 2008. This makes us all the more confident that we will be able to act as quickly as possible to bring back and celebrate this return together before the end of the year.

Awesome! was before my time, but I'm confident it's in good hands!


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