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News • #SummerContest2022 - Final step : the 100th Challenge ~

#SummerContest2022 - Final step : the 100th Challenge ~

By Ferdinand and Gwen Movies (Aug. 24, 2022)

Hi everyone!

We've seen that during the two last week you loved the Brick à Brack's Summer Contest! From script to movie poster, you knew exactly how to be creative and imaginative!

While a selected jury is finishing judging each of your scenarios and the staff is looking into the judgment of the second round, which should be quite special compared to usual, here is finally the final round of #SummerContest2022:

The 100th challenge of Bab!

Indeed! To end this event, we invite you to take part to the Brick à Brack's 100th animation challenge!

For those who are not familiar with the animation challenge, (called CABBAB in the past) it is a concept of mini-competition during which it's not the story, not the direction, not the scenery that will be judged but only the animation: you must animate a given action (according to the instruction) and... And that’s it! Simple, right?

So, for this symbolic figure that is the number 100, we decided to incorporate the challenge directly into the Summer Contest, to allow you to win more than a simple minifigure but really cool lego sets!

Well. In short terms! The theme for this ultimate challenge will be...

A smash entrance!

And here we go!

  • You must demonstrate imagination
  • You can be inspired from a lot of movies (but without plagiarism, hehe)
  • You'll be judged on your creativity and the animation (the story and staging is not judged)
  • However don't hesitate to add what you want to add if you want! Fun is the main rule!

Just like the previous steps, you have 2 weeks to make it, until the 6 september at 11h59 pm to participate!

To participate (and it's easy) : you have to post your brickfilm on Brick à Brack, as usual, but this time select the "challenge" category and not "Brickfilm" or "Test"! Then, we can easily find it directly on the site. But, if you are worried about it, you can also send the brickfilm link below the article.

And to mark the occasion, there will not be a single winner for this challenge but three challengers who will leave the game with a prize. (and a minifig for the 3rd, which is usually the prize for the first place of an animation challenge!!! )!

Good luck for all!


Nice! I love the theme of this animation challange.

Is there a minimal or maximum time of animation?

Last edited by Max_LG (aug. 31, 2022 (08:10pm)).


@thefourmonkeysIs there a minimal or maximum time of animation?
If nothing is specified, it is because there is no limit to this hundredth challenge.

My entry. https://brick-a-brack.com/brickfilms/brickfilm/12966/ It was really fun to make.

Here's my entry, pretty kooky, but I made it in like 20 minutes: https://brick-a-brack.com/brickfilms/brickfilm/12977/

entered via "challenge" category


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