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News • #SummerContest2022 - First Step : Write a script! !

#SummerContest2022 - First Step : Write a script! !

By Ferdinand and Gwen Movies (Jul. 25, 2022)

Hi @Bob!

After 2 years of absence, our famous summer contest come back strong - with a series of 3 events that will last 2 weeks each!

For the people who don't know the main event, the objective of this competition is to challenge you with some of differents and separate "exercises". Separate means that you don't must to be participating in all off the exercises. You can participate at one only. It's like 3micro contests within one big contest, you got it?

And this year, the first exercise will be on...

Test 1 : The Script

Indeed, for this one you'll work on the script!

However, there is a rule, the script have to be wrote according to this topic:

Having a revelation

Rest assured, we won't rate your formating talent! Make something clean, clear and understandable and it would be great!
Please, pay attention that we won't just give a better rating to a longer script!

The Script has to be send to this email: brickabrack.summercontest@gmail.com named as here:
[PART1]” and your nickname : “[PART1] Bob”.

You have until the 07/08/2022 at 11:59 PM to send your participations!


This time, it will be the 2 first participants who win the first part of the competition and get some awesome stuff offered by LEGO

On these words, let's go!
If you have any questions, ask!

Good luck you all!

We can enter all three, correct?

The contest is specifically designed to take into account the absence of participants due to vacations.
You may choose to participate in one, two or three events without affecting your global participation
Some members may only choose to do one event, others may only be tempted by the first and last events...

Also, do our entered scripts need to be public? Can I enter a script only for the judges eyes?

Entries remain hidden from the public while the contest is open. You can publish them individually after the closing date. We will reveal them all at the time of the results.

When do you announce the results?

The jury has reached its verdict. We are working to regroup the notes and comment a nice table. This should be quick.


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