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News • The best writers of the summer 2022

The best writers of the summer 2022

By Max_LG and Gwen Movies (Sep. 11, 2022)

First weekend of September, the vacations are coming to an end. A few weeks ago, we had launched the first round of the summer contest. Time to read, rate and comment on the 18 scenarios created for the contest. Here we are again to announce the jury's verdict!

You can discover and read all the scripts in this LINK.
I remind you that the creators of these scripts are the exclusive owners, if you wish to adapt these stories, please consider contacting them first.

I strongly urge participants to not let their stories get dusty. Among them are some very nice stories that deserve to be adapted into a new brickfilm.

Check out the top 5 best writers of the summer of 2022 :

Fith place:

- Le gout du mensonge by @Blyhnk ex-aequo with

- NINJAGO Le Frère Déchu by @brickfield54 with 47,5 pts

Fourth place :

- oh il me casse les noix celui là by @Gwen Movies and @Kermit with 48 pts

Third place :

- It's a Beautiful Day Isn't It by @Holding Our Own with 48,5 pts

Second place :

- After the Smoke Fades by @BrickTective Productions with 51 pts

First place, winner of the event...

- La Raie Vélation by @Croco Boss with 51,5 pts

As announced in a previous announcement, the first two places will walk away with these small prizes;

Three members volunteered for this joyful exercise. Thanks to @Einex, @Avis & Critiques and @Max_LG for giving a few hours of their time to seriously read these 18 stories. You can find their ratings as well as an overall comment from our judges in this document.

And the other challenges?

While the last challenge has just ended, there are still the results of the second event to be revealed... However, like we teased you a little before, the judgment of this challenge will be quite special : indeed, it will be you who will be the judges!

If you are not familiar with the concept of tournaments, I will explain it to you: it is a concept that we have done several times on the French side of the site, this one takes place on Instagram over several days. Every day, a new round: each poster will face another poster made by another participant, and thanks to the voting system, a winner will be chosen. The winning poster will then face a new poster the next day, which also won in the first round, and so on until the final!
With 16 participations, we will therefore be entitled to 4 rounds, which will take place over 4 days starting tommorrow!
We'll send you reminders on Brick à Brack so you don't miss a vote.
It should be noted that it is forbidden to appeal to a large mass of people to vote for their participation, it will be easily detectable and we will deduct the votes in question from the final count.

We will keep you informed for the rest, see you very soon for the tournament and the announcement of the results of the last challenge and to know the overall ranking of the brickfilmeurs of the summer of 2022!

→ See the 18 scripts of the contest

→ See the complete ranking with notes and comments

→ See the contest announcement

→ See the announcement of the last contest

→ Brick à Brack's Instagram account

Wow! I wasn't expecting to get second place! Thanks! Congrats to everybody who placed and good job to everyone who finished an entry.

Well done!


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