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News • Thanos is on Brick-à-Brack

Thanos is on Brick-à-Brack

By Max_LG and Maxou44 (Feb. 26, 2022)

On February the 21st, 2022, in the early afternoon, a technical incident physically occurred on the servers hosting the data for the Brick site in Brack. The security protocols of these servers mean that the data is duplicated daily on another hard drive. Usually, when one drive fails, another takes over. The backup drive thus ensures the security of the site's data. Following a hardware failure of the host, they cannot allow us to access the data stored on this disk and reported to us through the technical support that the complete restoration was not their responsibility. In other words, aside from private backups held by the administrators, there were no BàB backups anywhere. All data posted by the community since 2008 was gone in an instant.

That same day in the evening, the entire staff mobilized to ensure that the site and data were backed up intact. For the past several years, ad hoc and random backups have been performed. The strategy of multiplying sources makes it easy to add up the effectiveness of private backups.

A lot of work has already been done in a few hours. In less than 48 hours, we can say that 100% of the data from 2008 through July 2021 is safe and sound, properly indexed and is already available and online as you read this announcement.
For the data between August 2021 and February 2022, 70% of the data have been recovered and sorted. They still need to be correctly attributed by manual verification of the staff. This should be done progressively in the coming days.

If your account was created before August 2021, disregard the item below.
For members registered on or after August 2021. Your accounts will be partially restored. They still need to be properly linked from your member number. Before logging in, we invite you to email us at with your username so that we can reactivate your account and restore your access to it. These actions will allow you to recover your accounts and thus continue your activities on the site.

Brickfilms posted before July 2021 are intact. Comments and other information posted on each are also intact.

Brickfilms posted after July 2021 will be restored in the coming days.
If any of your brickfilms are missing from your filmographies, rather than re-posting them, send an mp to the staff with the title and url of your brickfilm. We will re-post the record immediately.

The contests
-> Imagine a Future "and "OneBrickChallenge. The list of winners and overall ranking remains unchanged. The winning members will get their prizes. I take the opportunity to remind these members that they must inform the staff a valid postal address quickly by mp.
-> The annual Brickstars 2021 festival has 84 entries. We need to finish inspecting the catalog of brickfilms contained on Brick-a-Brack before continuing with jury work. Entries will be reallocated this weekend based on staff availability. Since two precautions are better than one, participants can contact the staff to remind them of the brickfilm title of their entries.

Other information, articles, podcasts, calendar of events, tutorials etc...created after July 2021 will be gradually available from the weekend depending on the availability of the staff.

Conclusion. This emergency exercise, accumulates all the extreme difficulties that could encounter a website. The technical incident of this week can be compared to a surprise attack aiming at deliberately destroying all the data of the site without resuming the control of the servers (I remind that it is not an attack, simply a technical incident)
In less than 48 hours, the efficiency of the staff showed that it was able to regenerate a site from scratch in a very short time. The worst happened, Brick-a-Brack survived without damage in the medium and long term, thanks to the valuable competence of its staff. In a week, nothing more of this incident will be visible.
From now on, we can say that BàB is ready for the worst to effectively safeguard the world's brickfilm heritage.

Thank you for worrying about this site and the community as much as we do. I hope this message of explanation will reassure you. In this misfortune, the staff took the opportunity to move forward on key steps in the preparation of V5.

See you soon ! The staff.

A big thank you to the staff for all their hard work.

Welcome back guys!

still some sorting work this weekend, but I remain very positive about the future.

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All my brickfilms except my worst one are gone lol
Glad to see bab is back tho, was really concerned!

Many thanks to the wonderful staff!

Small update about the weekend that just passed.

As mentioned in the announcement text, we have processed the 70% of data we had already sorted before Friday. They have been reindexed and put online.

Brickfilms and topics have been associated with their comments and are in a good place.

We still have tonight about 150 brickfilms to add. They will be made during the beginning of the week.
The counter of brickfilms, topics, messages (which helps us to index each data) has been correctly updated.

You can start to create new projects, add new brickfilms and take part in comments in the forum or give your opinion on new brickfilms without fear of deleting information that was not yet visible.

If you notice any missing or incorrect information, please inform the staff by pm.
A part of the articles are already back. The rest of the articles and podcast will follow at the beginning of the week.
Have a good week !

Thanks so much!

Brickfilms of the week?

Indeed, it's Monday. To give all the chances to the brickfilmers this week, (the last week having been rather chaotic), we make again a point on the brickfilms. There is notably the associated thread where 10 pages of comments have not been re-indexed. But I promise, the vote of the most promising brickfilm will be organized this week.

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