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News • Ivent the Sequel - Results here!

Ivent the Sequel - Results here!

By Ferdinand and Yetgo (Dec. 22, 2020)

Hi everyone! Let's back on the last contest : Invent the Sequel!

Remember, the challenge of contest was to make a brickfilm with this begining :

"A person walks past a door with a "don't open" sign. He stays in front of the door for a few seconds. He hesitates. Then suddenly he approaches the door."

And you were 18 to participate! We can say that there were many different productions, sometimes we were immersed in a post-apocalyptic world, sometimes in an Egyptian adventure and sometimes in an endless corridor...

For judging, @Brickfield54, @Raphaël29, @Slash brick Production and myself were in the game..

But let's get to the important part, the results :

5th :

The Door(s) by @The Little Brick

4th :

Sanctuary by @Joshua Nelson

3rd :

ALLELUIA by @Gwen Movies

2nd :

Au coeur de la pyramide by @Redbrickstudio

1st :

NO ENTRY by @Jacob Crow

Congratulations to them! They leave the contest with greatest prizes offered (and now delivered) by LEGO..

Of course the rest of ranking is available just here :

Oh, I forgot! In the "no-victorious", one of you will win a LEGO minifigure!
But who??? Let the luck to decide!

Ow, it's the 17th! Congratulations to @Tobiko !

And that's all for today! Have no hesitations to participate at the Brickstars2020, it's cool, there are many prizes..

With these words, takes care of yourself, merry Christmas !

→ Brickstars 2020

→ Rest of ranking

Congrats guys! I was a bit sad that I didn't have time to enter, but seeing these entries I feel like I didn't have any chance . Well done, everybody!

Well done everybody!


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