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By Yetgo (Dec. 1, 2020)


Hello Brickfilmers!

You have read the title and seen the banner of this article, so you can imagine the news that I am going to tell you: The return of BRICKSTARS, 2020 edition!

The what?

The Brickstars2020 is a festival to reward the 10 best English and French speaking brickfilms as well as the of the past year, this time 2020!

You don't need to have done an epic blockbuster defining the movie world and the universe itself to participate - Anyone can come and enter their creation with the chance of winning! You just need to have made a brickfilm this year !

Selection of winners

The winners will be decided by a jury of which you can be part! On the other hand, I warn you right away, you will have to send us a huge package of chocolates if you want to be chosen !
You just have to send us a small message where you explain to us how you will make a good judge! You can send it to your favorite moderator !


We haven't talked about the prizes yet, have we? Of course, despite the health crisis, our top 10 will be greatly rewarded!

So come and be many to participate, we are waiting for you with open arms! (respecting the safety distance )
Good luck to all Brickfilmers! May the best win!


When is the latest time we can enter a film? December 31?

@Bros with da LegosWhen is the latest time we can enter a film? December 31?


Good luck everybody


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