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News • Brick-à-Brack Holidays - Summer 2020

Brick-à-Brack Holidays - Summer 2020

By Max_LG (Sep. 13, 2020)

The summer season is coming to an end. Did you have a good vacation? This summer we offered you the opportunity to travel around the world with two community events. You were again very numerous to participate with totally incredible creations. Let's discover them now.

The Minifig's Journey - 2020 edition

This summer's photo contest was an opportunity to discover 45 participations featuring your favorite minifigs in the middle of atypical natural landscapes. Anonymized shareholdings have been presented in this THREAD. After two weeks of voting, community members voted on their top 3 choices. In spite of this reduced choice more than 30 photos appeared at least once in the top 3 of one of the voters. In order to separate these votes, the points were added up.

Discover the top 5 participants of the Minifig's Journey 2020:

Fifth place:

Fourth place:

Third place:

Second place:

First place:

Congratulations to our five winners. They each win a LEGO's minifigs Series 17 (and thus @JO Co two for his exploit ^^).
The general ranking with 45 participations is available in this LINK.

Journey around the world: a brickfilm collab

The new summer collab for his first experience was followed by the community. Numerous participations were received at the closing of the event. As announced in the previous ARTICLE, Entries will be announced gradually over the course of the week.. Each of the participations will be highlighted on the usual social networks. Participants will be contacted shortly to receive a little surprise to thank them for their participation. More announcement in a future article to come back in more detail on the event.

Have a good back-to-school season and see you soon for another event on Brick-à-Brack!

→ See the participations of the Minifig's Journey

→ See the general ranking of the Minifig's Journey 2020

→ See the announcement of the summer collab BaB 2020.

Congrats to the winners a lot of great entries. Congrats to every one who entered

Woo, thanks for the votes! I'm glad to see the 3 I voted for also made the top 5!

@JO CoWoo, thanks for the votes! I'm glad to see the 3 I voted for also made the top 5!

A lot of great photos this year! Congrats to the winners!

Congrats everyone!


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