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News • #SilentContest2020 - The results just here!

#SilentContest2020 - The results just here!

By Ferdinand (May 10, 2020)

Hi there!

They are finally here : the results of #SilentContest2020.
We know that you are impatient, so let’s not wait any longer!

The results

To note your 63 participations, we be entitled to an exceptional jury! @Arginnon, @Slash brick Production, @Bapt90, @Brickfield54 and myself have noting these brickfilms, and the results are without appeal...
Let's place to the top 5!

- 5th -

- 4th -

- 3rd -

- 2nd -

- 1st -

And that's all for the top 5! The rest of ranking is available on the button just above!
My congratulations to our dear winners who are leaving with nice gifts offert by our partner : LEGO!

It's over for this contest!
My compliments for all of your participations, it was hard to judge you! Don't forget to read the jury's comments available on your Brickfilm page to take note of our advice and try to improve yourself for the next time!

On these words, see you later and take care of yourself!

→ The rest of ranking

Really impressive to see the diversity of brickfilm. There's more than one that could have made it to the top. Congratulations to all of you and also to the jury who had the hard task of commenting on everything.

For the brickfilmers who took part in this competition, don't hesitate to have a look at your entries. At the bottom of your brickfilm's file appeared this:
By clicking on it, you will find the comments of the members of the jury. Follow their advice carefully, they will help you progress for your next brickfilm.

I am happy to be in the top 5 A lot of nice films, thanks to the judges for looking over and then also commenting all of them! Congrats to all winners, and also everyone who participated!

My compliments for all the concurrents, we had some of great participations!


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