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News • #ScaryContest2019: The results are here!

#ScaryContest2019: The results are here!

By GUATEMAX Animations and Hudson Ludy (Dec. 16, 2019)

You've waited impatiently, and you have now read the title...that's right! the Scary Contest results are finaly here!

You were all quick to submit to this contest, resulting in a tremendous number of 44 participants! That's right, so many!

Of course, we can't forget the grand elite jury who gathered for this grand event, they are: @La Production Givrée, @Brothers in Arms, @Kermit, @Yummy-Burrito-Studios, @Ozone Studios and @Ferdinand.

Lots of green names included here right? This must mean guaranteed quality!

Enough talk! Let's go straight to the point. Here's the ranking:

Congratulations to the participants and to the winners who leave with beautiful prizes:

And since there's more than just the winners, the rest of the ranking is available at this address, and on the link located a little lower.

Finally, for the fierce brickfilmers, those who never sleep and who always want more. I remind you that we have another contest in progress, I obviously talking about Brickstars 2019!

With that, another big congratulations to everyone and see you next time!

~ The staff

→ The results complete list

→ Brickstars 2019

Congratulations everyone! What a pleasure to be a part of this contest!


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