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#SummerContest2022 - Second Step : To Make a movie poster!

By MOI30540 and Gwen Movies (Aug. 8, 2022)

Hello everyone ! !
We've been waiting for it, you've been waiting for it, but it's here !
Without further ado, here is Challenge #2 of the Summer Contest !

Challenge 2 : A Movie Poster

Not like the other years when you were offered a Production Challenge, this time there's something new! This year for the most talented among you, we have chosen to have you create a poster!
But not just any poster, a movie poster !

Information and constraints

  • The poster must of course be in portrait format
  • The theme is of your choice ! Be creative and detach yourself from others, get inspired by your favorite movies or invent movies that we would drool over to see !
  • You will be judged on the quality of the photo editing the layout of the elements, but also on the title that must be displayed and in cohesion with the rest!
  • It is not mandatory to put credits or a release date but it can be a plus!
  • You can take pictures of your own legos, but it is also possible to take pictures of legos on the internetif you don't have the possibility! (provided that the poster is specific to you of course, we can check easily)
  • If most will mainly use photos to make a montage, it should be noted that it is also possible to use drawing or 3d
  • You will also have a small constraint to your beautiful imagination, a mandatory element to include in your poster: a mustache, put it where you want it, but it must be clearly visible on your poster
  • In addition, it is important to specify that it must be legos on the poster and not humans, regardless of the style of the poster

For those lacking inspiration, here are some examples of posters, but the constraint is not limited to these formats, you can be creative as you wish!

Will you take up the classic model of the big blockbusters?

Or will you be more minimalist?

The poster must be sent as an attachment (JPEG or PNG only) by email to with in the subject “[PART2]” followed by your nickname on Brick à Brack: “[PART2] Bob”.

You have until Sunday August 21 at 11:59 p.m. to send us your entries !


Once again, it will be the first 2 who will be rewarded with very nice little prizes!

Small aside

If you were unable or unable to take part in the first round of the Summer Contest, then you are eligible as a judge !If you are interested in reading and judging about twenty screenplays written by the greatest writers of Brick à Brack, then do not hesitate to contact @Gwen Movies or @Ferdinand in PM to apply and help determine the winners!

With that, good luck everyone!


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