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0 - Preamble

0.1 - This set of rules is subject to extensions or modifications in the future. With your registration you have accepted the rules and also agreed to keep up to date regarding the content of said rules.

0.2 - Brick à Brack reserves the right to modify or delete any information and/or document regarding the rules without any advance notice.

1 - Good conduct

1.1 - Respect and courtesy towards others is expected. No insult, mocking or statement with any kind of abusive, reprehensible, racist and/or pornographic content is tolerated. Every ethnos, social origin, religious faith and sexual orientation has to be respected. The same rules apply to videos as well.

1.2 - A presentation thread upon registration is mandatory. Before creating one you won’t be able to post anything on the site.

1.3 - Be careful with grammar, spelling and punctuation. The goal of this site is to communicate with others therefore it is crucial that your messages are understood by everybody.

1.4 - Please use the text edition tools (such as bold, italic, colour, etc.) only to accentuate or decorate certain parts of your messages. Please use emoticons in a moderate way and only if they reinforce somehow the feeling of the message.

2 - General

2.1 - The staff consists of administrators and moderators. Together they try to keep everything in order according to the rules. If you encounter an infraction to the rules, don’t act yourself, do rather inform a user of the staff who will then act upon said infraction. In case of a disagreement with another user the usage of private messages is suggested. The site is a space of conviviality not a playground for mindless quarrels! (Although it's still fun to watch).

2.2 - It is forbidden to create multiple accounts on this site. BàB registers your IP address: In case of more than one account coming from the same IP address a justification will be demanded. Multiple accounts for different people from one household, e.g. for sisters or brothers, are accepted of course.

3 - Messages

3.1 - Brick à Brack is divided into clear and precise sections: Be sure to post your messages in the appropriate section. In order to avoid double threads we encourage to perform a quick search before opening a new thread. The title of your threads should be a quick introduction to its content and therefore has to be clear and precise.

3.2 - Be constructive and helpful, avoid messages having no purpose or connection to the discussion at hand. Messages containing only an emoticon are to be avoided, develop your opinion.

3.3 - It is forbidden to post multiple messages or comments in a row in the same thread. If you want to add further information to a previously posted message please use the 'edit' function. You are authorized to post two messages in a row only to revive a discussion without response after a 48 hours delay.

3.4 - Don’t revive old topics without good reasons, such as a pertinent question or a new/revised argument. (Old topics: Those no longer being on the first page of their section or older than three months).

3.5 - Signatures should be discrete which means that they should not be annoying while browsing the site.

4 - Brickfilms

4.1 - A brickfilm as well as any videos linked to it can only be posted once on our site. This means that any teaser, trailer, excerpt and/or making-of have to be posted on the same page as the brickfilm itself. Episodes of a series are excluded from this rule since they are considered different brickfilms.

4.2 - The comments on brickfilms should give an advice to or encourage a user. Be courteous in your critics, just as you would like to receive feedback for your own creations. Develop your opinion and give valid arguments for your point of view.

5 - Discord

5.1 - Discord isn't an outlaw zone. Although there is generally more tolerance towards short messages and smileys, the rules of the site apply there as well.

6 - Tutorials

6.1 - A tutorial on Brick à Brack has to be made of more than just a link to an external tutorial.

6.2 - If it is a video tutorial you are required to add a short written description on the tutorial page itself.

6.3 - If you wish to contribute to an existing tutorial, contact the user who posted it or the staff by private message. It is unnecessary to create another tutorial about the same thing.

7 - Resources

7.1 - Resources published on the site have to be helpful in the making of a brickfilm.

7.2 - You have to own the rights of the resources you post. Posting royalty free resources is allowed only if you mention the source.

8 - Sanctions

8.1 - In case of rule infraction, sanctions can be imposed based on the gravity of said infraction: Warning, temporary or permanent ban from Discord and/or site are just a few examples of possible sanctions.

8.2 - We can come to your house and break your legs.


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