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Welcome to the Brickfilm-presidental event!

On November the 3rd, one day before the presidental election in the USA, Brickboard presents brickfilms about the theme of election, president and everything in between.
Also there is another good news! Everyone may participate! Master of celebration is Rainer Storck aka @Knauser
He also made this trailer for the event:

Everyone who is interested in participating may write in our forum:

The video should consist at least 10sec of animation up to unlimited time.
Election and/or president is the theme and should also be the theme of the brickfilm
The lineup will be from 8-10pm @Knauser will manage the timeslots
The videodescription should contain the event-playlist

So let's elect our favorite bricks!

Dernière édition par AoW-Gamer (09/10/2020 à 20h05).

Small update for the curious who would like to know if the brickfilmers' prophecy was right. To find out, it's on this playlist.


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